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I'm wicked and I'm lazy

Had a not bad weekend, which mostly consisted of doing not a lot, and a good thing too. I did my virtuous gym thing on Friday after work, followed by a drink with Jon, but that obviously exhausted me, because on Saturday I barely managed to potter out of the house long enough to buy wool for a jumper for Jon and eat Caesar salad at Favorit with Paul. That evening I decided at the last minute not to bother with Ascension, as I just wasn't in a club mood. Found instead that I was in the right mood for lying in bed with a good book (Hunting Pirate Heaven by Kevin Rushby.)

And on Sunday I went for a very short walk with Sandy to buy curtains for his room, which should hopefully do something to alleviate the arctic gale that blows in from there in the winter. I'm glad I at least managed to get out of the house every day, but it was pretty minimal to be honest. And last night we watched a Jackie Chan film because we felt too mindless to cope with Chocolat - it was a good laugh, mind you...



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2nd Dec, 2002 02:42 (UTC)
That book sounds really interesting.
I treated myself to the 'His Dark Materials' Trilogy on Saturday; that cheered up my weekend no end.
2nd Dec, 2002 03:23 (UTC)
Hey, sometimes you just need to do next to nothing with tremendous style :) My weekend went rather the opposite way; meant to have a really quite one but, er, did not work out that way :)

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