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I hate it here

My brain isn't working, but I still have to. How unfair is that?

David Attenborough rocks. Shrew-shrew trains are cute. Baby elephant shrews are ickle.

I hate it here so much that I'm thinking of applying for a job in Stirling - someone stop me, please.

I have too much work to do between now and my Xmas holidays. If I do not get it done in time I am the one who'll suffer. Therefore I may have to work later and postpone some holiday until January. At least with my flights booked I have an absolute deadline for getting away. I have to work Saturday the 7th and won't get to take my time off in lieu until January for the same reason.

It is, however, Friday.



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29th Nov, 2002 06:22 (UTC)
"shrew-shrew trains!??!"
29th Nov, 2002 06:29 (UTC)
You didn't see Life of Mammels then? Mother shrews lead their babies out of the nest by everyone holding onto the one in front's tail. They go through the undergrowth like furry trains - v. cute.
29th Nov, 2002 06:34 (UTC)
That was the image I got, but I thought I'd check.

29th Nov, 2002 06:37 (UTC)
Er, you really wouldn't like a job in Stirling!

So does the day's stress call for gym or gin?
29th Nov, 2002 07:10 (UTC)
Gym would probably be better, if I get away in time...
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