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And now you're back here at Monday

The weekend was cool, and it was lovely to see lilithmagna and ergotia in, um, a variety of contexts... oth the sound system and the DJing at Vain sucked, with the honorable exception of Ian's set, which was too late and too short for my tastes, but I managed to have a reasonable time anyway, and we all looked fab, naturally. I wish we could persuade DJs at Teviot not to push the bass until it breaks, but if I say anything they do have a tendency to look at me like "if it's too loud, you're too old", which is not what I'm saying.

And now I'm back at work, and it's mad mad mad. I expect to be working late tonight and tomorrow and I have to be at Heriot Watt at 7.30 on Wednesday, which is not going to be a barrel of laughs. Cue tearing of hair and "why am I here" type angst.
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