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21st Nov, 2002

I feel sick. I don't know if it's because I ate my prozac with no breakfast today, or because I am surrounded by work that I hate and don't understand. Cause and effect is getting a bit muddled at this point. I want to be in a nice warm bed, curled up with my triceratops and a hot toddy. Instead I am hunched Cratchit-like over an extra heater, pecking at the keys with claw-like fingers, and sulking.

Maybe if I stopped sulking I would be having a less crappy time, but that's easier thought than achieved. If I engage in positive thinking mantras I generally end up more filled with resentment than ever, although it may help me to direct my bile at the Louise Hay and her ilk. The only mantras that have ever worked for me are highly idiosyncratic: "I have good hair", "I'm a good rabbit", and, come to that "I've got a triceratops". Perhaps I should settle for "I have three weeks off at Xmas" - that may get me through till hometime...



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21st Nov, 2002 04:11 (UTC)
and you're one of the sweetest, most intelligent & sensible people i know (not that that probably means very much). if i was 1/8 as cool as you were i would be satisfied. :)
i'd suggest not eating breakfast as a good explanation for feeling sick, based on personal experience, but then depression and work also makes me feel sick, so who knows?
21st Nov, 2002 04:12 (UTC)
I often find that something along the lines of "Hey! Doesn't that tree look nice in the wind!" works for me, but then I can be a cheery bastard at times. ;o)
21st Nov, 2002 04:21 (UTC)
Prozac on an empty stomach means indigestion and nausea evey time, in my experience. You could fall back on how near the weekend is and what a fab one it is gonna be...

21st Nov, 2002 04:44 (UTC)

My favorite mantra used to be "I'll show you, you bastards. I'll out last the lot of you."
22nd Nov, 2002 00:11 (UTC)
I didn't get where I am today by being cheerful... But since I'm much older than you it's called Meldrewing. Bluerose says I'm Victoria Meldrew.

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