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Something for Marcus

Offering you a kitten may be a tad tactless at the moment, so here are a bunch of red pandas - official holders of the ikklest animals on the planet award.



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20th Nov, 2002 05:00 (UTC)
*smiles* Thank you. They are very cute...
20th Nov, 2002 05:47 (UTC)
Cute! But spooky. I dreamt I was holding something like that in the palm of my hand last night and tickling it (was another dream about Bicon - we had a large warehouse to have Bicon in this time with staircases that sometimes went somewhere and sometimes didn't & secret passageways). Mine was more orange.

I thought barking_watcher told me red pandas were ugly.
20th Nov, 2002 09:39 (UTC)
Er... how do you define "Ickle", Alison? I thought that was a synonym for Little, and red pandas aren't -that- small...
20th Nov, 2002 13:37 (UTC)
Ickle meeds both cute and little. And red pandas are little - compared to big pandas...
20th Nov, 2002 16:55 (UTC)
They're about the size of foxes, possibly a little smaller. At least the one in London Zoo was, don't know if it was fully grown.

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