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I have now booked my annual leave for 'the holiday season' - from 16th December to 3rd January inclusive. Three weeks off - huzzah! So the next question is what to do with it? I want to be in Edinburgh for Hogmanay, but apart from that I have nothing planned. It looks as though trains from london to dinburgh between Xmas and New Year are still just about affordable, so I'm very tempted to go down for a week or so, but it depends what's going on, and where I can stay etc etc. So, anyone got any bright ideas? Or should I just spend three weeks in bed with occasional breaks for alcohol? (not that that isn't a tempting thought...)



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18th Nov, 2002 06:57 (UTC)
Come stay with me. You can get drunk in bed at my house! xx
18th Nov, 2002 07:34 (UTC)
Sounds tempting, but I'm not sure I could cope in a house with dogs for too long, and I also want to spread myself about a bit (oo-er), so I'll try to find somewhere else as well.
18th Nov, 2002 08:18 (UTC)
Ah. I forget the dogs are less than tempting to most people. Ours especially. Would be great to nab you for a little bit, though.
18th Nov, 2002 11:02 (UTC)
It would be great to meet up with you at some point. I can certainly offer you one half of a four-poster bed at my place if you like (no strings attached). I'm only likely to be free on evenings and weekends when the rest of London is out Christmas shopping, but we can probably find some cool things to do.

There's always the zoo, although if we plan to go there, we may attract young hangers-on. ;-)
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