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Change your taste in men

This makes sense to me, but maybe I've just had a hard day. I'm so glad I didn't get Marilyn Manson like dipsticklesbian...

and while I was researching my new love, I came across this (Google's cached copy, as the original seems to have vanished. I call it very odd.


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26th Sep, 2001 08:09 (UTC)
Hmm. Thom Yorke for me, apparently. On the basis that we're both shy, which seems to me like the worst possible reason to get together. Surely everyone knows shy people should go out with extraverts?

Anyway, I want a glam rock star or nobody.
26th Sep, 2001 08:36 (UTC)

26th Sep, 2001 11:02 (UTC)
Me too.

Isn't it weird how they link bi.org?
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