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Do any of you culinary geniuses have a good recipe for butternut squash that doesn't use the oven. I usually bake it, but I just remembered that our oven is dead :-(



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15th Nov, 2002 13:14 (UTC)
hmmn. i've made soup with it before, but i baked it first. maybe you could microwave it, if you have a microwave? alternatively, you could cut it into chunks and steam it, then use the pieces in a risotto, or as a pasta sauce (goes well with goat cheese, or sundried tomatoes).
to make a soup out of the steamed squash i'd cook some onions & garlic, then add the squash, cook with some stock, & puree. oh, and don't forget spices of your choosing. good luck!
15th Nov, 2002 17:04 (UTC)
Actually, if you have a grill, cut it in half, make deep cuts into the flesh about one inch apart, brush the surface with olive oil, and grill it very slowly until the surface goes browned and bubbly.

Variation: chop garlic and mix with the oil

Another variation: herbs as well as garlic

Soup: do variation 2, scoop out the flesh, simmer with vegetable stock, adjust seasoning.
16th Nov, 2002 03:57 (UTC)
you could bombay roast it like you do with potatoes? Parboil it (be careful not to let it get too soft), then fry it with spices etc?
16th Nov, 2002 04:09 (UTC)
Butternut squash soup
Soften one chopped onion with a lump of butter

Add peeled, chopped butternut squash and soften a bit more

Meanwhile, slice two sticks of celery longitudinally, and add to pan

Plus two bayleaves, once chopped large red chilli including seeds

Then one tin tomatoes, followed by same volume of water.

Black peppercorns

simmer until squash is v. soft, then liquidise. Fromage frais can be added on serving for those who aren't hyper keen on chilli
17th Nov, 2002 06:17 (UTC)
That sounds pretty cool, I should try that. But now I wonder who you are?
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