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I read the news today oh boy

What the papers say

A most fabulous letter from today's Guardian:-
How is it that every other state in our beautiful country gets to vote on their governor and we're still stuck with Blair? even Jeb had to stand, and he's the President kin.

And in today's Metro, Susanne Pitt has just won a copyright battle with Mattel over her S&M Barbies. The New York court said that copyright had not been violated because "To the court's knowledge, there is no Mattel line of S&M Barbies". Hurrah!



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8th Nov, 2002 06:58 (UTC)
Found it in the Scotsman courtesy of Google News:

8th Nov, 2002 07:43 (UTC)
I so want an SM Barbie now!
8th Nov, 2002 13:35 (UTC)
Oh yes, and I didn't get the letter at all until just now...
9th Nov, 2002 03:32 (UTC)
I love that "To the court's knowledge". Always worth hedging your bets, I suppose. Although it can't be long before Mattel do bring out an sm barbie, given how sm imagery is taking over the shallowest parts of the media. (I wonder if they'd be infringing copyright if they did?)
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