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And all the world is biscuit shaped

Five things I like about me
1. Good tits
2. Basically OK health
3. I give good advice and try to look after people
4. I think I'm probably quite clever
5. My hair cut

Five things I don't like about me
1. Thick ankles
2. My current tiredness and achiness
3. The way I wibble and cause work for people looking after me
4. Insomnia
5. My hair not being purple

Five things I'm looking forward to
1. Going to Amsterdam again
2. Going to Whitby again
3. Having giant boots
4. Nightmare afore Xmas
5. Visiting London to see some fab goths

Five things I'm not looking forward to
1. Equal Futures (the conference we're running, that is, not the general idea, which I'm in favour of)
2. The palaver of getting another job
3. The possibility of not getting another job
4. Paul being away a lot
5. Having to move house again at some point