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I skip over water, I dance over sea

Paul tells me that the increased airport security was not a major hassle, so I have booked a couple of days away in Dublin in October. I fly out on th 18th and back in the evening of the 20th. Looking forward to it as I have never been to Dublin before, and haven't been to Ireland since I was 7 (and all I remember about that is the driver of a pony cart telling us fibs about leprechauns).

It's a bit hair-raising, going on even a brief holiday on my own, which is why I decided to go for a short stay even though I have the whole week off work. I don't have anywhere to stay yet, either, but I'm sure I'll work something out (recommendations of cheapish guest houses welcome).

Going off to eat steak now, and then to a party - what a thrilling life I lead to be sure...