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Note to self: reading Cop Shoot Cop lyrics when you're feeling snowed under is NOT a good way to get the energy to pack.

However. I have the book. I have not started reading it. I also have personal cards, cute flashing light hings, and a case with at least some things in it. Not bad for twelve hours work...



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30th Oct, 2002 12:12 (UTC)
The entire lyrics of that song (scroll to "Hung Again") are some of CSC's most deft...
You get that sinking feeling when you're sunk.
You pack your worries up inside a metal trunk.
I guess I just need some time to think.
I swear that I'd give up the drink
If I could find a better way to get drunk.

I don't know why I try.
Another day, another lie.
It's like sticking needles in your eye.
(which last line now makes me think of Isaac Newton, thanks to Adam Hart-Davies...

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