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Come and have another slice

To do today:-
1. Tidy my room so I can see to pack.
2. Take a few last minute clothes to launderette for unaccustomed service wash on the grounds that way they'll be dry in time to pack. Try not to get used to the concept of service washes.
3. Buy Tales from Earthsea which is allegedly going to be in the Science Fiction Bookshop
4. Do not read Tales from Earthsea. Even a bit. Put it straight in my train bag and don't even look at it. Thus I *should* have something to read in the train.
5. Pack my dinky (well quite large, actually) makeup case with makeup
6. Pack underwear and wash kit and anything else I don't have to make a fashion decision about. Remember that I don't have to make a fashion decision about *everything*.
7. Make fashion decisions. This could take some time so remember to eat during the process.
8. Do mending and alterations I should have done days ago. If I can be arsed.
9. Pack fashion decisions, remembering that I am going to have to be able to lift the case and attempting to leave some room in the case for shopping
10. Panic.

Update: Items 1, 2 and 5 done. Well into item 10. Time to go to the book shop, methinks...



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30th Oct, 2002 03:25 (UTC)
A whitby survival tip: Remember to eat while you're there (more easily forgotten than you could ever possibly think). Also remind Paul to eat...
And have a fantastic time, of course :)
30th Oct, 2002 04:02 (UTC)

> panic

Not surprised!

Beware of service washes. In order to do it quickly they treat the clothes harshly and they become stiffer and smaller with every wash. Used to do it for a while when my washing machine was broken and in the end I trew away lots of clothes.

I like xanta's tips.

You music sounds interesting, if it's the person I think it is. Can I listen too, next time I visit?

Have fun!
30th Oct, 2002 05:41 (UTC)
Tales from... and food
I couldn't wait for mine last Christmas, so I bought it in Dutch, which I read very poorly, and am still struggling through it. (Doh!)

If you eat at the Quarterdeck, spare a harsh word for Tim and Ang, the owners, who made me where a bow tie and straw boater all through my season as a waiter there, in very delicate teenage years.

Regardless what I think of Goth weekend, I hope you have a great time and come back refreshed. (And I'll no doubt read about it soon as H got me a subscription to the Whitby Gazette for my birthday. Yay!)
30th Oct, 2002 05:43 (UTC)
Re: Tales from... and food
Para 1 - my copy of Tales..., that is.

Para 2 - wear, not where
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