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Throw your pain in the river

God I am so fucking virtuous! Yesterday me and Paul went in the gym and had an induction session where we did a bit of cycling and rowing and a few very light weights. They were dead friendly and I had fun - to my great surprise. So today I went back. The differences between yesterday and today's session were these:-
  1. I went on my own because Paul was going out for lunch and I wasn't scared
  2. I walked there in my trousers because I wasn't too embarrassed and I couldn't be arsed carrying a bag
  3. I didn't have any gym personnel to help me so I just got stuck in
  4. I did an hour and fifteen minutes solid cardio vascular exercise, counting from the clocks on the various machines. This compares to about forty minutes yesterday
  5. I burnt off five hundred and ten calories in that time compared to about 200 yesterday*
  6. I feel great - I think I could get used to this. Eek!

Oh and today I also did washing up and washed some clothes and cleaned the bathroom. I think the Prozac is starting to really work. Hurrah!

*Yes, I know it's a bit sad to measure it in calories - so sue me.



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25th Oct, 2002 10:18 (UTC)
Go, Alison!
27th Oct, 2002 02:46 (UTC)
Wow! Gyms terrify me... which one do you go to?
27th Oct, 2002 05:24 (UTC)
I went to Marco's on Grove Street (where Nightmare Afore Xmas happens). It very down to earth and not too posy - I was surprised that I wasn't intimidated by it, but actually it was pretty cool.
27th Oct, 2002 06:37 (UTC)
It's that PE lesson fear, isn't it? Suffice to say that when you're not a subject of their tyrannical regime but a paying customer, things are *very*, *very* different. Both the people I've dealt with have been very polite, and helpful, and *friendly*, without all the crap you associate with the fitness industry..
27th Oct, 2002 07:20 (UTC)
I don't think it's sad to measure in calories, I do it all the time!
28th Oct, 2002 01:31 (UTC)
Well done lass! You know, I've found exercise to be a considerable mood-lifter, too - so it can't be doing your happiness levels any harm either...

Go Alison!!!
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