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When memes collide...

Five things I've done (and am quite proud of.)
1. Run in a local election
2. Changed my name
3. Run or helped run four BiCons
4. Produced Bifrost on time for two years
5. Lost five stone

Five things I want to do (and winning the lottery doesn't count 'cos that's a thing that happens to you, or more sort of doesn't...)
1. Finish writing a novel
2. Drive across America
3. Become moderately fit
4. Never ever run another BiCon ever
5. Get another job

Five celebrities I fancy
1. James Spader
2. Vivian Wu
3. James Marsters
4. Patricia Velazquez painted gold
5. Jaye Davidson

Five celebrities I want to look like (especially if I could swap between them 'cos I wouldn't want to change gender full time).
1. Alyson Hannigan
2. Asia Carrera
3. Seth Green
4. Patti Smith (later)
5. And I'd like to look like Ursula leGuin when I grow up...

Actually I'd shag all of them as well (except Ursula leGuin, 'cos that would be sacrilege and anyway she's monogamous), and I wouldn't mind looking like the one's I said I'd shag, so that get's me nine choices - cool.
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