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Update: Still off sick. Not dead. You probably don't want to hear about the side effects of new antidepressants, so I won't, but I'm certainly getting the wild mood swings which has now become officially Not Fun. Every morning I have to take a pill I have to persuade myself that I shouldn't give up on them just yet because it is going to be worth it in the end. Probably.

Enough of that.

Oh and I now have what my hairdresser calls purple, my flat mates call black and I am struggling not to think of as muddy brown hair. Words cannot express my probably totally disproportionate anguish :-( The cut looks OK, but I am seriously wondering whether to get some decent stripes of proper purple or red before Whitby or whether to hide my head in a paper bag.



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22nd Oct, 2002 06:07 (UTC)
I'm sure you look lovely no matter what colour hair you have. Looking forward to Whitby lots?
23rd Oct, 2002 03:49 (UTC)
Hope stuff improves.
23rd Oct, 2002 16:54 (UTC)

Not that this is good advice, just to let you know that I follow. Your head won't fall off, so take it to whitby and give it a good time.

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