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Gonna dress you up

Been browsing for corsets (I blame mortice) and found this dress which ciphergoth really, really needs... Cyber Geisha Corset Kimono - yum.

Now, what I was really looking for is a corset that can cope with my hips being much bigger than my waist - anyone got any ideas?


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17th Oct, 2002 04:20 (UTC)
Yosa's stuff is beautiful.

Fross's girlfriend Kas also makes corsets. I can't remember the URL of her site atm, will check it for you.
17th Oct, 2002 05:06 (UTC)
Get one made?
I don't know if that's the way your figure is naturally or whether you've waist-trained to that stage - I'll presume the former (lucky you!) as I'm guessing you'd already be well into tailor-made territory if you were waist-training...

Anyway, I've heard this lady recommended repeatedly from several different sources - I suspect the praise is genuine, although I haven't seen any of her work myself.


She's generally recommended for reasons of both quality and pricing incidentally, which is nice...

17th Oct, 2002 08:07 (UTC)
Those kimono's are not only stunning, but reasonably priced for what they are...

17th Oct, 2002 11:18 (UTC)
They are gorgeous. I wish I had the right kind of waist for them.

I have to admit I'm picturing zeke_hubris wearing one...
17th Oct, 2002 15:46 (UTC)
I'm very tempted to get one myself. And Zeke won't get to wear it ;-)
17th Oct, 2002 10:59 (UTC)
My favourite place is http://www.misfitz.org. Not least because their only retail outlet is in the town where I live, but also because their clothes are really nice. They do some fab corsets, off the rack *or* made to measure, & they are excellent quality too. Their email isn't working at the moment, but I believe their phone no is on the website, if you want a mail order catalogue.

Another place I *haven't* tried, but have heard is very good, is http://www.candscorsets.com
17th Oct, 2002 13:25 (UTC)
I looked at C&S Corsetry, and their site crashed my browser. And there was no pricing information, so if I wanted to know how much something would cost, I'd have to shell out £6.00 for their 'information pack'. Does anyone else think this may not be good business practice? Beautiful though their stuff looks, I'm not going to spend money just to find out I can't afford it.
17th Oct, 2002 11:14 (UTC)
Hello :)

I have similar waist/hip ratio issues, and my favourite corset is this one - I found overbust corsets couldn't deal with the extent of the in-outness. Plus for an 'off the rack', it's really really good, and makes a feature of the difference between hip and waist, which I like. In any case, it's a style I recommend.

I took off the frilly bits though.

P.S. Kas' site is www.corsetry.net.

21st Oct, 2002 05:57 (UTC)
I could always make one... might take a few weeks tho'. Let me know if you're interested.
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