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7th Oct, 2002

Am feeling a lot more human now, after a good 12 hours sleep last night. I must (probably) arrange to have a weekend or two of doing absolutely nothing. After Whitby. Meanwhile here is a schedule of sorts.

Tonight: BiCon work with ciphergoth
Tuesday: Dentist (but just for a checkup), followed by the first of my ancient writing evening classes.
Wednesday: Flat meal
Thursday: Not going out to K. Jackson's because of early start on Friday so probably checking over clothes etc - hopefully with help from ciphergoth
Friday: An all day event out at the Western General, followed by tapas with work people and speakers if I can be arsed (which given I'd have to pay for my own I probably won't be). Then it's Finsternis, which I may go to as it's dirt cheap and means I can see people.
Saturday: I must give serious thought to the Goth Shoe Problem. Then it's one or more of a party, The Mish or Digital - all of which are free, so I don't know...
The next week I'm free apart from the evening class on the Tuesday. Then it's Velvet Chains on the 18th.
Ascension on the 19th
Long hairdresser's appointment on the 21st
Then either Digital or the Mish on the 27th
And so to Whitby.