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Teenage kicks right through the night

I feel so tired my legs don't work properly and my eyes feel bruised. Yet guess what? I am in work now - for reasons far too complicated to explain, or at least too complicated for me to explain when I have had precisely no sleep and can barely type. Suffice to say that this is not going to result in any extra money or time off for me...

I can go home now, if I want, but the chances of me getting any sleep when I get there are slim, and I feel so wobbly that it will take me a while to get it together to walk back. Oh, and my party was fabulous but *very* weird in places. I will post more about the straightforward bits later when I'm less dead. The less straightforward bits I may not post about ever - which is probably good - there should be some things in life that don't instantly make it onto LJ...



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6th Oct, 2002 10:03 (UTC)
belated happy birthday
Sounds like it was a good party. Looking back from the perspective of another day wasted faffing around with recalcitrant machines, I wish I'd taken yesterday off instead of trying "just one more thing" until the small hours...
6th Oct, 2002 10:41 (UTC)
EEEK! You're at work???
Meow! Ouch!
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Meow! Ouch! <tis' Paul here> The Party sounds great... my thoughts are with you (kinda meaning you have my commiseration's) that your suffering with work and lack of sleep, especially after such a wonderful birthday bash. I wish I could have gone, but it was best I stayed in... hope all is well with you and everybody at Mir!

Huggies from me and Mona x.x.x.
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