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So circling we'll orbit another year

It's my birthday. So I'll take the opportunity to look back, stock take, and generally waste time, because people really should have to work on their birthdays.

Seven things I'm glad I've done this year:-

1. Painted my room
2. Taken my social life in hand
3. Bought a corset
4. Got a really good haircut
5. Avoided killing Ian
6. Survived BiCon
7. Gone to Amsterdam

Seven things I wish I hadn't done this year (but I'm going to forgive myself for - this is just for reference so I can try and avoid doing it again...)

1. Volunteered for BiCon 2002
2. Spent so much on things I don't need
3. Missed going to Dublin
4. Gone to Milton Keynes
5. Gone totally radge and broken stuff
6. Upset David
7. Did I mention the BiCon thing?

Seven things I'm glad I've done in my life so far:-

1. Been to Venice
2. Changed my name
3. Moved to Edinburgh
4. Written some stories
5. Run Bifrost
6. Run BiCons 10 and 17
7. Stayed on the dole so long
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