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I am declaring Monday to be schedule day (this week)

Tonight - Nuala's coming round for tea.
Tomorrow - Dunno, maybe I can persuade Pavlos to visit
Wednesday - My birthday! So dinner with Paul followed by The Holyrood, probably
Thursday - up early to go to Glasgow, so mustn't stay too late at the Holyrood, probably staying in in the evening as I'm too broke to make it to K Jackson's
Friday - possibly entertaining people who are coming for the party. Probably should do some tidying too...
Saturday - Party!
Sunday - recovering...



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1st Oct, 2002 06:50 (UTC)
I could be convinced very easily. Small bribes accepted: Buffy, cuddles, talking, listening. However, I need to phone various people in the early evening, so I can be around about 9-ish.

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