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Creepin' down inside my soul 'til I lose my self-control

Stolen from duranorak. All answers in no particular order...

Seven things that scare you.
1) Flying ants
2) Dogs (but not too badly)
3) George W Bush
4) People who are clearly clinically insane
5) Men in my vicinity shouting in a threatening manner
6) Bad physical pain. Not only does it hurt, it brings out all sorts of bogies about old age, frailty and death...
7) Old age, frailty and death.

Seven things you love (in no order)
1) Tripping
2) Reading
3) Being hugged by non-sexual friends
4) Being hugged by sexual friends :-)
5) My friends - both sorts
6) Amsterdam
7) E

Seven things you hate
1) Authoritarianism
2) Capitalism
3) George W Bush
4) Having to go to work
5) Fish with bones in (to eat, that is, I don't object to the whole of Class Osteichthyes)
6) Aggressive behaviour, and people who think it's a good idea
7) The fact that so many people go mad

Seven things in your room
1) Clothes - kind of all over it
2) This computer
3) My evil villain chair - under a pile of clothes
4) Several full bookcases
5) Music in various formats
6) A cuddly tricerotops called Heath
7) My lovely futon

Seven things to do before death
1) Finish writing a novel
2) Overcome my fear of dying
3) Drive across the USA
4) Peyote
5) Grow old disgracefully
6) Don't have any children
7) Think of some good last words

Seven things you can do
1) Knit
2) Drive
3) Swim, more or less
4) Ride a horse, or at least I used to be able to
5) Sound as if I know what I'm talking about
6) Use Google (according to my workmates this is a skill...)
7) Understand a few hieroglyphics

Seven things you can't do
1) Sing
2) Draw
3) Speak any foreign languages
4) Write hieroglyphics (since I can't draw)
5) Avoid giving people advice
6) Understand the general theory of relativity
7) Build even the simplest particle accelerator

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex
1) Intelligence
2) Being picked last at games
3) Agreeing with me
4) Thinness
5) Piercings
6) Looking in my eyes and actually listening to me
7) Being a gentleman

Seven things that attract you to the same sex.
1) Breasts
2) Smooth skin
3) Being funny
4) Intelligence
5) Agreeing with me
6) Hips
7) Did I mention breasts?

5 things I would buy with 100,000 pounds
1) A flat
2) Boots!
3) Drugs
4) And some other cheap tat
5) 'Cos lets face it a flat doesn't leave much change out of 100, 000 these days...
Tags: meme/survey
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