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Wot I want for my birthday

I now have a wish list. The process of making it has made me even more greedy than before, so I'd better get some things from it, or I'll cry (or just buy them for myself, which is more likely). I will no doubt be adding things to it, and of course some of the stuff I always want is hard to buy online, but don't let that stop you...



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23rd Sep, 2002 03:40 (UTC)
No.1 Super Guy
I have a Hong Kong Phooey T. Shirt. New Look sells them for 12.99 but they are only 5.99 in the sale. Bargain! Hope you get lots of goodies.
23rd Sep, 2002 10:21 (UTC)
Just thought I'd let you know that The Other Wind is available in the UK now. I bought a copy from Charing Cross Road Blackwells on Sunday for a tenner.
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