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Is there anybody out there?

It's fifty minutes till I can go home and I feel weird and bored and lonely. I'd welcome followups of any kind to reassure me that I (and you) exist.

I'm like a mirror, I'm nothing till you look at me... Apt.

So tell me what you're doing, what you're doing later, what you're having for tea, what's your favourite reptile - anything!


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20th Sep, 2002 08:28 (UTC)

I'm waiting for a reply from a mailing list I've only just joined. I have some serpentine that I'm not sure how to polish as its far softer than the quartz or agates that I normally work on.
(Deleted comment)
20th Sep, 2002 08:41 (UTC)
White bits sound cool. And it would be nice to see you before Whitby, if only because I may not be able to get near you for fans of the Elf locks!
20th Sep, 2002 08:43 (UTC)
Just got off the phone to my mother, tea will be a mixed grill or a burger in Kings X and then I'm hitting the LL asap for a pint to recover from said conversation with my favourite reptile.
20th Sep, 2002 08:44 (UTC)
I'm going out for dinner with Iain B. tonight. If you don't know who he is ask ciphergoth to tell you the story of his first flaming.
21st Sep, 2002 05:09 (UTC)
It was in Iain's zine that mhw first said "It's exactly this sort of maundering donkeyflop that stops me even glancing through most zines. Paul Crowley, though you may be dear to someone, in my jaundiced and frightfully overeducated eyes, you are a misguided, tedious, cerebrally flatulent little jerk, and the sooner someone buggers you with a halberd using your own vomit as a lubricant, the better for the world it will be. Your opinions are in no wise part of any solution; you, my child, are the problem."

Excuse any mistakes - that's from memory...

(we made up :-))
20th Sep, 2002 08:45 (UTC)
being a muppet again. later i should go home and beat myself round the head with my copy of psychology for fuckwits, but more likely i will spend too much time on the computer and fill out application forms.

(fascinating, i don't think).
20th Sep, 2002 09:15 (UTC)
I'm on my todd again tonight so I will be getting pissed and re piercing my Rook which started to migrate.

As for Reptiles my faves are Bearded Dragons and Leopard Geckos (yep, I know that was probably a rhetorical question but hay ho!

20th Sep, 2002 09:38 (UTC)
Tea will probably be a vegetable quiche, possibly accompanied by runner beans and some form of potato. A large mug of sugared coffee may also be involved, as I need one.

Until then, I'm slobbing around the house in a lifeless kind of way. It's supposed to be bin day, but looking out the window I see a road full of uncollected rubbish, so I'll probably have to haul all mine back again. I've also just acquired an old notebook-style word processor from my sister, which currently has the only working printer in the house (and can import/export from at least some DOS Word formats), so I might see if I can get the hang of that.

After tea I'll be writing stuff, at least for a while. Although it's been ages since I've gone out for a nice night at the Whitefriars, so if I can persuade some of the locals to join me, that might be a plan.
20th Sep, 2002 09:43 (UTC)
Well, I have just discovered I can't read lj and knit at the same time. Alex is cooking dinner for his mum and me this evening. I've just started reading tipping the velvet.

Not a big reptile fan - though I do remember thinking gekkos were cool when I was a kid.
20th Sep, 2002 15:39 (UTC)
Me too...
I exist, I exist, don't worry. Things are mostly OK. I'll write more tomorrow when I have some quiet time online. Take care!

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