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I don't wanna live forever

Personally I'd go for the holiday in Hawaii - but then I doubt they'd be able to get my body to the freezer in time to do any good...



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19th Sep, 2002 06:52 (UTC)
Yep. Plus I suspect that the Transmetropolitan view of "revivals" may not be that far off the mark. Ok, you wake up, you're now skint, culture-shocked, know nobody and are very unlikely to get a job - what next? A life sweeping streets or claiming state benefits?
19th Sep, 2002 07:08 (UTC)
Well this is true, but I'd still rather give it a go than be dead, if I thought it was going to work. I suspect, though, that when they eventually work out how to do it they'll discover you need a different technique to start from, and maybe one where you're not already dead (as in Larry Niven).

Meanwhile I'll take being flown to Hawaii while alive over being flown to Michigan when I'm dead...
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