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That's enough pirates. Meanwhile I have installed Realplayer just to play this track, since I couldn't find it on MP3. Not sure it was worth the effort. Actually I'm sure it wasn't, but I was bored. Also I hate Realplayer 'cos it talks to you and tries to get you to download the new version as you quit.

Today I have mostly been making plans of escape, but I'm getting depressed because they're not very good plans. I figure any plan that involves winning the lottery has a fairly fatal flaw. Where can I learn Dutch in Edinburgh that's not the University? There's a course at the University but it clashes with my Origins of Writing course that I've already booked and paid for...

I wonder whether I will ever get back into doing my job instead of staring into space. If not I may need to find a new one smartish before anyone notices how useless I've become...



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19th Sep, 2002 06:38 (UTC)
Not a cheap place to learn Dutch, but another option maybe ...

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