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Everyday is like Sunday

Well, here I am at work. In fact I've been here since 8.45 - which is positively unseemly if you ask me, but I was actually working for the first wee while, meeting and greeting and dealing with tea and biscuits and generally being run around (and doing yet more last minute handout copying - these poor sods are getting a hell of a lot of paper).

I'm not allowed out of the building till 5.30 'cos of health and safety, so I guess you can expect a lot of updates from me today. Mind you, it's pissing it down out there, which makes me feel better about the whole deal...

Oh, and yet more converts - nik_strychnine and ducklofty are here. When folk get back from Italy my friends page is going to be groaning at the seams...



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8th Sep, 2002 04:28 (UTC)
How come you aren't allowed out? They doing some sort of construction work or something???

Sucks to be working on a Sunday too!!

8th Sep, 2002 04:30 (UTC)
Re: Buh?
I'm the only member of staff in the building, so I'm not allowed to leave while the guests are here - I'm the one responsible for their health and safety, setting the alarm etc.
8th Sep, 2002 04:31 (UTC)
Re: Buh?


In the mean time leaving them up to their own devices while you LJ :-P

heheh - Top plan.

That still sucks -

Do you get Sunday bonus pay?
8th Sep, 2002 07:59 (UTC)
You could try converting to Christianity and then refusing to work on the Sabbath. There's some guff in there about believing in God and honouring your parents, but I for one can believe anything that gets you a day off work (I don't need to be a monarchist again for a while though).
8th Sep, 2002 08:06 (UTC)
Well 'm getting Friday off in lieu, which is fine by me, 'cos I'm going to Amsterdam. And I always claim I need May 1st off for religious reasons...
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