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These are the days it never rains but it pours

I am too busy to spare time to tell everyone how busy I am. Which is why I am. Er. Anyway, I am slightly comforted in my busyness by the fact that Jon is painting the hall at home as I type. He finished the ceiling yesterday and it is a distinct improvement, even though it looks like we may need two coats on some of the walls on account of the old paint having come off and grey plaster showing through. Maybe we will have a pretty painted flat in time for my birthday party. Maybe I'm getting too middle aged and should have fondue at my birthday party while I'm at it. Mmm fondue. Has anyone got a fondue kit I can borrow.

Hey, it's not middle aged and middle class if you have to borrow it, is it? Now, should we have cheese or chocolate? Maybe I need two kits...

It's a month till my birthday party, so I'm keeping my spirits up making a wish list. Watch this space if you're dying for the chance to give me a gift. (Or if you can't wait you could always buy me more time for my paid account, as I can't get Paypal to talk to me at the moment...)
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