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Caught in the orbit of the human race

The party on Saturday was smaller than I expected but still good enough to keep me going till 4am - and having a masquerade in cool enough weather gave me the proper chance to show off the Venetian masks. Lot of people tried on the Columbina and the evil bird, but no-one kept them on for long as the Columbina has no mouth and the bird kind of stabs you in the chest if you're not careful.

I wore Coracaskia's smaller Venetian mask, which you can eat and drink and smoke in - in fact I think I was the last person to take my mask off. All the masks survived intact, as well, which is just as well since I didn't actually ask Coracaskia if I could borrow hers... Oops - sorry!

It was firework night, which we saw some of, but it was pretty cloudy and I'm glad I wasn't out trying to watch them (I don't go to Princes Street, anyway, because I get far too claustrophobic). The fireworks meant that we couldn't get a cab home, so me and Sandy ended up walking back at dawn with the masks which was surprisingly not unpleasant in spite of the state of the streets - sometimes I like urban life...

Yesterday I mostly did very little except go for a walk and talk through some BiCon stuff with Paul. I am beginning to feel that doing this might be more of an interesting challenge and less of a season in Hell. I'm not committing myself to that, mind you!

My workload is becoming more manageable, and this morning I finally finished the data entry that had accumulated during my holiday. I can't believe the state of some people's handwriting, and the fact that they expect you to be able to read it - with many forms I had to resort to decoding people's e-mail addresses or going to the postcode finder because I couldn't read the actual addresses. Deciphering a simple form shouldn't be this hard!

Now I'll go for a walk before my lunch break is completely over. It's sunny without being hellish hot out there, which must mean it's my favourite time of year again. Ray!
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