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Follow, follow me

Male version:

Female version:

So am I desk person or a standing on a cliff looking inspirational person. Or is this just incredibly sexist?


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27th Aug, 2002 01:40 (UTC)
yes, it is sexist - I got either a rather manic looking man trying to run in 6 directions at once, or a shopaholic woman surrounded by her possessions.

I'm certainly not forking out $10 for the full test!
27th Aug, 2002 04:01 (UTC)
It's fucking sexist. Bah.

27th Aug, 2002 11:18 (UTC)
It could be a case of them only having a limited stash of clip-art to work from though:

"Oh well, that looks like the most reformery woman..."
28th Aug, 2002 15:55 (UTC)
Ah, how difficult would it be to change the picture from a man to a woman? Or why even have separate male and female pictures?

My vote's on 'sexist', myself. Shall we all write to complain?
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