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Well, here I am not going to Prometheus [1] on account of I'm lazy and broke. Similarly I didn't go to Dogma or to the Royal Museum today [2]. I did make it to The Haunt last night, but only just, and felt a bit blah for most of it. Probably wouldn't have made it at all if I hadn't promised Nik a birthday drink. Still, got to meet gothtart's Hello Cthulu, which was worth the price of a couple of pints, even at Eerie pub prices. Also managed to resist the cocktail they call a Sloth, which seems to be made of cream and chocolate with various liqueurs waved at it and looked momentarily appealing. This was only partly due to great virtue, though, and mostly due to the feeling that half a pint of cream would make me barf given my general blahness and the crowdedness of the room.

[1] A fringe show with fire and stilts and big masks that Kaela's going to, but it's £12 and I was dithering too much.
[2] I optimistically suggested me and Nik go to the Forbidden City exhibition as he has time off work. I still want to see it, though.

So, I have been doing minor useful things and having a bit of a stocktake of my life, instead.

Good things done this weekend:-

Whitby accommodation booked after much phoning round and being laughed at by booked up places.
Amsterdam flights booked.
In the process of trying to get Amsterdam hotel, somewhat peeved to discover that we'll be there at the same time as a major media conference. Bugger..
Bought a crinkly black skirt and a red top and a purple lycra top and a gorgeous purple velvet top for a total of £13 in charity shops.
Bought elastic and black dye to try to renovate old clothes instead of buying new ones. It is possible that these last two items should have been done the other way around, but it is a very nice purple velvet top.
Dyed old greying tiered skirt back to black with great success. This involved taking everything out of my wardrobe in order to find said skirt, finding I didn't have enough salt, having a shower so I could go to Somerfield to buy salt, buying some other food I needed while I was at it and then dying the skirt.
Sorting, admiring, working out what needed mending ironing etc and then tidying the entire contents of my wardrobe which had inexplicably ended up on the floor.
Tidied my room to a state of actual tidiness, including the obviously essential task of clearing a spare drawer to store temporary tattoos, body paint, false eyelashes and bhindis. (It is quite a little drawer, honest.)
Borrowed mini UV lamp off Nik so I can test things for UV-reactivity and hence make pretty things for clubs without wasting too much money on them. Also helps to check UV reactive nail varnish before going out, as it can look incredibly blotchy and get all over your hands otherwise.
Hung out clothes and did a bunch of handwashing. Have now cleaned most of what I wore to BiCon.

I realise that this is mostly vanity related. I may have to become more of a slob...



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25th Aug, 2002 16:15 (UTC)
Oh I love the Sloth cocktail. I want one now, even though I have a migraine. Actually what I really want is a tia maria.
26th Aug, 2002 01:26 (UTC)
Tia Maria
In a previous life I sailed with my husband on tankers and the ships carried a limited selection of drink. They had basic hard stuff like gin and rum,vodka and whisky but only Drambuie of the sweet, more interesting drinks.

The chief engineer set up to supply Tia Maria. You gave him a bottle of either rum or vodka, I forget which, and he removed enough to leave room for some instant coffee and some sugar. The removed portion was his fee. It had to mature for ..oh..at least 3 days. Then you had Tia Maria, or a reasonable imitation of it.

If you have any rum or vodka you could try it if desperate enough and can't get the real thing.
26th Aug, 2002 11:57 (UTC)
Re: Tia Maria
hey, thanks!
26th Aug, 2002 02:01 (UTC)
D'you mind if I ask what you found for Whitby? I might need to phone them too...
28th Aug, 2002 13:02 (UTC)
Major media conference?
Second weekend of September? That'll be IBC. Richard will be there for some of it with people from his company...
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