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A few geeky queries, possibly stupid:-

Does anyone know of a good application for separating the bits of an animated Gif. Or is there some feature in Photoshop for doing it that I'm stupidly missing? I want to make my jumping rabbits icon into mood icons, but I need to get at all the frames first!

What do I need apart from a CD writer and a sound card to burn my vinyl onto CD under Windows. I have successfully copied and compiled CDs but the software that comes with my burner is only for burning/compiling files that already exist digitally. (My hi-fi is near my computer and I have the lead to get sound from one to the other.)

Where can I buy a USB to serial converter so I can back my Palm up without having to fix the serial ports on this bloody machine. Will this work? If so could I use the same thing to sync it to the pretty new iMac at work?

Does anyone have an easy way for me to turn the pics from my snazzy new digital camera into an online gallery? Paul does his in a totally arcane and Paul-specific way that we both know it would be futile for him to try to share with me. So far I've just managed to get them in a folder and turn them the right way up...

Am I so crap at being a geek that I should give up altogether? And if so how will I cope with the 21st century. Answers on the back of a five and a quarter inch floppy disc to the usual address...

Apologies for saying all this is baby talk - it's the only way I know to be sure I understand..
Tags: notes-and-queries
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