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25th Aug, 2002

A few geeky queries, possibly stupid:-

Does anyone know of a good application for separating the bits of an animated Gif. Or is there some feature in Photoshop for doing it that I'm stupidly missing? I want to make my jumping rabbits icon into mood icons, but I need to get at all the frames first!

What do I need apart from a CD writer and a sound card to burn my vinyl onto CD under Windows. I have successfully copied and compiled CDs but the software that comes with my burner is only for burning/compiling files that already exist digitally. (My hi-fi is near my computer and I have the lead to get sound from one to the other.)

Where can I buy a USB to serial converter so I can back my Palm up without having to fix the serial ports on this bloody machine. Will this work? If so could I use the same thing to sync it to the pretty new iMac at work?

Does anyone have an easy way for me to turn the pics from my snazzy new digital camera into an online gallery? Paul does his in a totally arcane and Paul-specific way that we both know it would be futile for him to try to share with me. So far I've just managed to get them in a folder and turn them the right way up...

Am I so crap at being a geek that I should give up altogether? And if so how will I cope with the 21st century. Answers on the back of a five and a quarter inch floppy disc to the usual address...

Apologies for saying all this is baby talk - it's the only way I know to be sure I understand..


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25th Aug, 2002 05:05 (UTC)
Re gifs: I think Paint Shop Pro does that, but it's ages since I've used it.

Re vinyl: you just need a sound recorder / editor app. The one that comes with Windows will only record 60 seconds at a time but could be used for proof of concept. http://www.tucows.com/preview/194683.html looks like what you need, but it's shareware. There should be lots of others. Search tucows!

Re USB-to-serial: I don't think that's possible but I could be wrong.

Re gallery: there's loads of software out there that will build HTML galleries for you. I have no idea whether any of it's any good. You may want to ask Paul to set you up with his script though, it's a pain to have to send all the generated HTML to the server. You can have mine if you want but it's a servlet so it's painful to set up.


There are also gallery services at Yahoo, MSN etc but I strongly suspect they're shite.
25th Aug, 2002 05:10 (UTC)
1) Jasc animation shop, which I have a copy of. At the risk of splitting hares (ouch), the output of that is at: http://www.infinitepenguins.net/files/rabbits.zip

2) Theoretically, record to WAV and encode that... unfortunately I don't know how this is best done under Windows

3) Again, not entirely sure... don't palm sell a USB cable for it?

4) Short answer.. yes, I've got the code that does the albums on UKCycling.Net and fromtheshadows.com. You'll need PHP and GD for these (plus SQL for the new improved version), and I'll have to see how I can pack them up. Do you want protected albums, or just a very basic thumbnailing system?

5) Doubt it. Although I do have an alarming number of 5 1/4 " disks left...
25th Aug, 2002 09:28 (UTC)
Coo, multiple bunnies - thank you! Now to colour them purple and make one of them look angry (which is tricky with cute bunnies).

I'll have to have a think about the photo gallery thing. It looks more complicated than I thought...
25th Aug, 2002 06:20 (UTC)
Online gallery
This is very easy to use: www.fotopic.net. My latest holiday pictures from the digital cam are at http://album1563.fotopic.net :). Others are at http://album1359.fotopic.net

The family snaps are passworded so if anyone wants to see they can email badriya@blueyonder.co.uk
25th Aug, 2002 09:06 (UTC)
The music situation
The solution is, you'll be glad to hear, very simple. All you need is one relatively small program, Musicmatch version 6. You can download this for free from musicmatch.com
I think it's about 6 MB but it's it worth it.

(The next bit refers to version 6, I hope it's the same for version 7.2 which is the current one)
Just download it, install it, and then go into

options - recorder - source and choose "line in" (plug the lead from the hi-fi into the mic bit on your PC

options - recorder - quality and choose wav format (each song will be about 30-40mb so make sure you have hard disk space for this.

options - recorder - settings - tracks directory and then choose where you want to save the files to and what info you want in the file name.

Then press record and play the record. Have fun with that bit. I think recording each song separately is better cos your PC is less likely to crash with the huge wav files. Remebering to stop recording at the end of a song is a pain though, I've been there, done that! For cleaning up the beginning and ending of songs you might want to use the program Goldwave. It's shareware but it's still really good and will do everything you need it to for free.

I hope this is helpful. I hope I haven't insulted your intelligence with all the instructions I've included.
If you need anymore help then just ask.
25th Aug, 2002 09:30 (UTC)
Paint Shop Pro has the best "picker apart" of animated Gif's to my knowledge... Failing that you will need Fireworks. Photoshop 7 might also.

Serial / USB convertors can be bought - Possibly from PC world - I have seen them as part of "adapter ports" that take one usb and give you alsorts on the out. Belkin IIRC do a good range.

Photoshop can help you build an online gallery - under the file menu - its there about 3/4 down - errm - depending on what version you use... (you will have to let me know).


If expansion is required - please ask...
25th Aug, 2002 12:24 (UTC)
25th Aug, 2002 12:56 (UTC)
*pats Lilith gently* not to worry precious, nice piccies of you will be up soon, don't fret your pretty head about the details ;-)
25th Aug, 2002 16:35 (UTC)
30th Aug, 2002 13:44 (UTC)
Photoshop offloads all its animated .gif stuff onto the bundled ImageReady. One day, Adobe will explain why PS doesn't do it all.

Yeah, any half-decent sound editor will do it. Putting the result through filters to clean up the result is a good idea, depending on how battered the LP is. Some programs will split the huge one-side-of-an-LP .wav into smaller ones, one per track. CoolEdit's what I'd use, but I find it easier to just download someone else's mp3.

USB to serial converters are available, but it'd be cheaper to get an old serial port card. Some new PCs come without serial and parallel ports, which is proof of a conspiracy between motherboard makers and USB-serial/parallel converter manufacturers.

'Gallery' is a nice looking option - it's PHP-based and it's on Sourceforge somewhere.

I still have some 8" floppies somewhere.
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