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A weird trail of notes in the water

Small things please me, which must mean that in spite of all appearances I have had a holiday. Before going away small things made me unhappy, now small things please me. It's a small thing, but I'm pleased.

I have the new Laurie Anderson CD, you see, which is extremely beautiful. I have been productive at work today, and I feel I can actually face Monday with a sense of What Needs To Be Done. I am playing music at work, with a room mate who doesn't mind, which is a *huge* plus. It is Friday. I have been invited to a party on Saturday and another the week after, I have bought nice presents for my friends. A placement is starting next week to help me. I am starting to have cheekbones again. I have a monitor wing mirror, so no-one can creep up and watch me doing... this for instance.

I will now do some more work, and then I will stop, and go home, and do absolutely nothing for at least four hours.
Tags: happy, music
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