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Like one of those rooftop salmon ladders

My life is filling up. Today I go to BiCon after photocopying fliers for 2002 as soon as the shop opens then doing some work on the workshop on the train (I thought this was meant to be fun?) Monday we return by a vile train (no direct routes being available), fall over exhausted and yet somehow get to work on Tuesday. Tuesday I have to cook for a flat meeting, which will be particularly flat because me and Paul will be asleep. Wednesday evening I see Jon, Thursday I ought to catch up with the SF crowd, Friday there's a meal out for someone's birthday, Saturday is a party for someone elses birthday (I think I'll be spending lunch times next week buying presents), Sunday we hold a comics reading fest and the week after that is mad at work because we've got the AGM and I've got a conference on the Thursday. Aargh!

At least I have packed and (mostly) decided what to wear. And last night a small party of us saw Final Fantasy, which I really enjoyed, although the monsters were better than the people - especially the love interest. Progress in computer generated acting is a lot slower than in CGI, also, but whenever it got too wooden you could always admire the rendering. (People with less perfect skin seemed to come out a lot better, and Dr Sid was by the far the best done person).

Soon I shall see most of you. We get into Coventry sometime before 5, if God and Virgin trains are with us...



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29th Aug, 2001 08:13 (UTC)
Can I add you to my list of friends?
30th Aug, 2001 13:01 (UTC)
But of course! I never object to being on people's friends lists...
30th Aug, 2001 16:21 (UTC)
cool, So how are you, did you enjoy your trip to London? Was the bicon thing good. I'm so side tracked as I'm not sure weather it's bean or gone.
I'm cool I'm crashing at Paul and Monahs Place for now. As Mark threw me out, as I'm sure you may allready know. Apart from the slight case of homlessness I'm fine.
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