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My lips were dry, throat like rust

I feel like mince. On toast. The problem is that eating mince on toast, or even icecream, feels like razorblades in my throat. I can't talk much, either, which is a real hardship. It's hurting me to answer my own phone. Oh woe is me. And forced to quote U2 lyrics cos nothing else fits the bill (how many sore throat lyrics do *you* know?). The pain is too much.

I may do some useful things like make notes for the BiCon report tonight. It would certainly save me from trying to converse. I'm really hoping I'll be well enough to go out at the weekend, but it's not looking hopeful right now. Meanwhile work is being like work, but every time I start to get a bit stressed I remind myself that BiCon is in the past and everything looks a lot more chill. Now I really need to get my holidays sorted so I can look forward to chilling properly...
Tags: bicon, health
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