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My lips were dry, throat like rust

I feel like mince. On toast. The problem is that eating mince on toast, or even icecream, feels like razorblades in my throat. I can't talk much, either, which is a real hardship. It's hurting me to answer my own phone. Oh woe is me. And forced to quote U2 lyrics cos nothing else fits the bill (how many sore throat lyrics do *you* know?). The pain is too much.

I may do some useful things like make notes for the BiCon report tonight. It would certainly save me from trying to converse. I'm really hoping I'll be well enough to go out at the weekend, but it's not looking hopeful right now. Meanwhile work is being like work, but every time I start to get a bit stressed I remind myself that BiCon is in the past and everything looks a lot more chill. Now I really need to get my holidays sorted so I can look forward to chilling properly...



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21st Aug, 2002 08:21 (UTC)
Gargle with salt water. Tastes vile, but does soothe the throat.

*hugs* get well soon.
21st Aug, 2002 08:23 (UTC)
I can come round another evening if that would suit better...
21st Aug, 2002 08:42 (UTC)
No, it's OK, you come and talk to Paul and I'll smile and nod intelligently. That way we can get the accounts sorted out faster...
21st Aug, 2002 08:55 (UTC)
Actually the Nuala side of the accounts is pretty much sorted - what I need now are the claims for the people who just went and bought things and want BiCon to pay them back.
21st Aug, 2002 10:02 (UTC)
I dunno how much I have to add - it looks like Paul has most of it sorted. But I'll bring over the recharger - I may come over a little earlier cause a friend is up collecting seal bits and it'll be good to see him too - closer to 7.30, if that's OK.
21st Aug, 2002 10:16 (UTC)
If another day is easier for you, NP, just call. Otherwise I look forward to seeing you tonight!
21st Aug, 2002 08:53 (UTC)
Hope your throat is better soon. Can you stop answering the phone, and let an answerphone take messages?

The mildly anaesthetic throat boiled sweets usually work for me. But if even ice cream hurts, ouch...
21st Aug, 2002 17:36 (UTC)
Try gargling with soluble asprin. Lime flavour is particularly pleasant.
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