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Am slowly beginning to feel a lot more human, apart from his damn sore throat, which I will have to go to work in spite of for at least the next two days as I have people coming in to stuff envelopes. Ugh - what a horrible sentence that was! Anyway, just a quick update on what I'm going to be doing, as I was forced to miss my regular Friday schedule update by circumstances beyond my control:-)

Tonight: After work coffee with Alex followed by going out to dinner with Paul. (Not only because there's no food in the house, however we must remember to order food before we go out so there is some tomorrow.)

Tomorrow: Nuala coming round for a quick post BiCon catchup, hopefully.


Friday: Going to Dogma, if I feel well enough by then. There's a 5am license, so I'd really like to.

Saturday: Digital is on, I think, if I still feel alive enough.

Sunday: sleep

Monday: free

Tuesday: flat meal.

Apart from that I shall be taking some time to get back into being at work, trying to sort something out for Whitby (tricky at this stage), trying to sort out a long weekend away in September and maybe planning my birthday party. Oh, and attempting to get the BiCon photos on line, for those who are interested.



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20th Aug, 2002 08:00 (UTC)
Photos! Photos!

I somehow managed not to take any which is something I regret.
21st Aug, 2002 05:16 (UTC)
What time do you want me to come over? 8ish?
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