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BiCon questionnaire, thanks to cujosmurf, because otherwise I wouldn't feel strong enough to do a post BiCon post and let you know I'm still alive. All categories pluralised 'cos I'm a faffing faffer.

Best things: The high on Friday. Dancing like a bunny to everything. Glowing rabbit ears. Tequila and other goodies.
Worst things: No sleep, nearly passing out from exhaustion, heat and lack of food and realising that I still had more things to do in spite of that. People saying "Oh you won't really" when I said I was retiring.
Most memorable things: Marcus boogying on down to Du Hast. *shudder*, The abomination unto the LORD that is Abigail's version of Smells Like Teen Spirit (even though I danced like a bunny to it). Going to bed alone on Friday and Saturday. Fancying people in a way that actually hurts and not being able to tell them.
Most surprising things: Not feeling any real anger all weekend. Seeing Jo Eadie, Ian saying I was right after all.
Best outfits: Eek! I think I'll have to do a top 10. Lets see. kaet's peacock tail, Ben in Katie's gown and her own skin, calar's wings, Janet's alarming shoes, babysimon on both nights, ciphergoth's cheong sam and corset ensemble, Grant's paint and shorts, and kerrykat and cujosmurf's silver shimmers.
Number of people you thought were cute but didn't have the courage to say: at least 6. Two people in particular who kept me awake in my lonely bed...
Number of nights spent not alone: One. thank you Sandy. But I always had a triceratops.

I have a sore throat and I have to work tomorrow, and I've crashed about as far as it's possible to crash while remaining upright. Bed now.



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20th Aug, 2002 00:04 (UTC)
Marcus boogying on down to Du Hast.
*gibber* You just had to remind me of that, didn't you? ;)

'Twas good to meet you :)
20th Aug, 2002 01:53 (UTC)
That is a really, really, really, really beautiful photograph of you. Wow.

~hugs, or cups of cocoa with marshmallows, or something~

20th Aug, 2002 02:09 (UTC)
*blush* Yes I'm quite struck by that picture, even though it doesn't feel like it looks like me at all. I'm still feeling totally wiped out, but I'll be OK. I made it to work, anyway...
20th Aug, 2002 02:14 (UTC)
Well done...hang in there, sweetheart. ~more hugs~
You know, one of these days I'm really going to have to meet you. If only so I can give you those John Foxx albums. ~g~

20th Aug, 2002 03:36 (UTC)
Nice pic. I loved those ears. BTW, I have the Bicon phone recharger - does Wednesday evening suit for me to drop it over?
20th Aug, 2002 03:46 (UTC)
Sounds fine by me...
20th Aug, 2002 06:04 (UTC)
Congratulations on a wonderful BiCon, and thank you! I do try to make an impression. :o)
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