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Am playing Rio in honour of duranorak's return to LJ. Rar! I've missed you, my dear...

So. Had haircut and dyed today and now I look fucking awesome. I keep having to take breaks from working to admire myself. Photos will happen, although possibly not till tomorrow when I'm dressed up ready for DKY's Olde Goff Nite (also some of the red may have worn off my scalp by then).

Hmm, I like almost every track on this except Rio itself. When it came out I was very unpopular at school for refusing to fancy any member of the band and swooning over the young David Bowie instead.

"But he's far too old for you now and he looks crap", my charming little tormentors would say.

"Yes," I would reply, "but I fancy Ziggy Stardust, and it doesn't matter that he doesn't exist any more because I have as much practical chance of travelling back to 1972 and shagging him as you do of shagging Simon leBon in 1982."

Then they would hit me and steal my copy of Smash Hits. Ah me, it was twenty years ago and I still want to break their stupid fucking heads open - memories, eh? I haven't played this album for ages, for which Paul is no doubt very grateful. I feel a Best of Smash Hits mix coming on for the DIY disco...

I got a barometer today. I didn't go out looking for a barometer, but it was £2.50 in the Sally Army shop and it's a rather nice plain ash wood setting (done by a craft-fair wood turning to judge from the inscription saying "Ash TJH 80" on the back). I don't know if it will help me decide whether to take a brolly, but it's rather elegant. I would go so far as to say that it is a fine barometer, in which case, one could calculate the height of the building with it. I have, however told Paul that he may not drop it out of the window and see how long it takes to hit the ground...

Update: I've changed the link to one that correctly attributes the article and contains the full last paragraph. It's a shame it wasn't Rutherford and Bohr, but there you go. Why do people deliberately remove attributions online I wonder - there seems no satisfactory explanation when thet're not trying to claim authorship themselves...


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10th Aug, 2002 12:00 (UTC)
Yey awesome Alison!

Because there are so many different versions of the story?
10th Aug, 2002 15:10 (UTC)
~meep~ ~smile~ Well, I missed everyone on LJ. And, thank you.

Eh...David Bowie still looked fab in 1982. I have videos to prove it.
Kids. Ick.
You try explaining to people in 2002 why you fancy Nick Rhodes from 1982 though...~g~ Oddly enough, they understood the David Bowie...

16th Aug, 2002 18:07 (UTC)
sorry for gibbering to you about who I was on lj at the goth night on sunday :)
19th Aug, 2002 03:43 (UTC)
alot changes in 12 months...
In reference to "So. Had haircut and dyed today and now I look fucking awesome. "

I almost had to do a double take, as yeah, heh, the last 12 months have been working magic for ya obviously...


And thanks (again)

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