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Woke up at 6.40 today! So I've been very good and done BiCon stuff. Yesterday was exhausting. I was running an event for work, and in between bits I was needed for I dashed out and bought odds and ends for BiCon supplies. We now have everything we need plus a purple plastic ring with a rabbit on it that flashes and was designed for someone about six years old. I don't think I can claim that from petty cash, though.

Two vague LJ related ideas...

I think it would be great if LJ supported wish lists. I guess that what that would mean would be a way to store a list of possible gifts, with or without links to sites that sell the stuff, which generous people could then claim/offer to buy. You would get an e-mail alert when someone claims an item so that you can decide whether to send them your postal address. Optionally you could list dates like birthdays, anniversaries, religious or secular holidays when you want gifts.

The claiming system would mean people wouldn't buy you things twice. Of course not being Amazon, LJ can't post things to your address, and can't guarantee that people who claim items will actually buy them. But does it sound useful? And how hard would it be to do? And if it can't be done on LJ is there anyone who could help me put such a thing on my own web pages? (I have a BM address, so I don't mind publicising it. In fact, here it is - anyone who wishes to send me gifts can send them to BM BOOG, London WC1N 3XX. I like tequila...)

Anyway. The other idea was about reports of events with a lot of LJers. Has there ever been a competition, or a page on LJ which list posts with the most lj-user tags. Stoopid idea, I know, 'cos people would cheat, but I know my post BiCon report is going to be awash with user names.


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10th Aug, 2002 04:00 (UTC)
I got up about 6:30 AM too. Have been wasting time dilligently since...

10th Aug, 2002 08:44 (UTC)
plus a purple plastic ring with a rabbit on it that flashes and was designed for someone about six years old

Oh Alison! :)

Didn't I see something about LJ wishlists somewhere else?
11th Aug, 2002 02:36 (UTC)
I think the LJ wish-list thing is an excellent idea.
11th Aug, 2002 02:37 (UTC)
Hit "post" before I meant to there. I meant to add that I particularly like the option of indicating what potential gift-giving occasions you like to celebrate.
11th Aug, 2002 04:15 (UTC)
I don't know if it has a claiming system, but otherwise www.thingsilove.org.uk sounds like what you want.
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