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Somebody up there

Link of the day. For nickys and others who wanted to know about those "someone likes you" e-mails, here's an excellent article about how the scam works.

Thanks envoy!



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8th Aug, 2002 07:59 (UTC)
Thanks for that ...
I knew it was spam, and the "send me all the email addys of your mates" bit was a huge giveaway. I shall make a post about this to my LJ to spread the word ...

Must admit, tho', that the first spam I got almost made me fall off my chair. Given some of the sites I visit, getting a mail saying something about "crushlink" was a bit of a shock - crush has a special meaning to a few of us ...
8th Aug, 2002 08:31 (UTC)
Re: Thanks for that ...
Sicko :)
8th Aug, 2002 08:35 (UTC)
Re: Thanks for that ...
It floored me too, but mostly because of how unspeakably *evil* it was.

8th Aug, 2002 12:37 (UTC)
Re: Thanks for that ...
"I admire its perfection..."

Argh, not the flamethrower!
8th Aug, 2002 08:57 (UTC)
Thanks, that was interesting.
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