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Am feeling a lot better than yesterday. Many BiCon things are approaching the actually sorted state, although at times it seems like the arrow that can never quite hit the tree. Still if we're infinitesimally close to the tree I doubt anyone will notice :-)

Went for a pleasant drink in the Holyrood yesterday and saw Pavlos and Nik and Jane and Tara and Hugh and many other fine people. I'm pretty awake now in spite of not getting to sleep until after 2.00, so maybe I should do it more often. I suspect I don't actually need that much sleep at this time of year, anyway.

I now have to clear my desk ready for my week and a bit off. I'm working tomorrow but not in the office, so I should have time to buy a few BiCon supplies such as pens and card and lush bath produces so I can take advantage of there being baths. I wonder if I should get speakers so I can play music in my room - it's a thing I really miss while I'm away.