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Due to scheduled engineering work...

The house was too full of teenagers* in the end to make staying in appealing, and Sandy wanted to buy something, so we went to Camden Market. It was the first time he'd been there and he was fairly stunned. In the end he only bought a couple of CDs and I managed to only buy one small crystal, reasonably priced, but we certainly ogled a lot of stuff... I think I must promise myself a trip back there with a great deal of money when I stop dieting.

On the way back I stupidly forgot about the engineering works on the Central Line and we ended up getting the bus from Bank to Bethnal Green. Sandy actually liked this as it gave him a chance to see some more of London (he likes the architecture in the City, which I think is weird), but it took so bloody long. I was vaguely thirsty almost as soon as we got on the tube at Camden Town, and by the time we got home I felt like one of those cartoons of blokes crawling across the desert. Why do tube stations all have chocolate machines and nothing to drink?

And I have just had a nice roast beef dinner, which makes me feel a lot more human. Sorry if this is turning into a food diary, but trying to do calorie counting without scales or any of my usual foods has been an interesting challenge. Fortunately my calorie counting book has a section entitled 'at the carvery' - so I was able to have a bit of Yorkshire pub with a clear conscience

We're traveling home overnight tomorrow, so I shan't see LJ until Tuesday - after which normal service will be (briefly) resumed.

[*said teenagers are all lovely, I hasten to add, but there are such a lot of them, and our musical tastes don't exactly coincide...]
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