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And the changes all tend to be something to do

A rough schedule for the next wee while:-

Today: at home doing BiCon stuff. This evening I'm going to Studio 24 for UTI with ciphergoth and Jon. If anyone wants to come with us, please get in touch. This is a good night to try particularly if you're not sure about techno, 'cos it's free! I think I've persuaded Andrew Hewitt, as well, which is a first...

Saturday will be more BiCon work, maybe some BiCon shopping, still not buying any giant shoes, followed by either rainstorm's party or the Mish depending on how mashed I get tonight.

Sunday I will do even more BiCon work, if not dead by then, and go for a nice walk in the sun if it's not pissing down. If I feel very virtuous I may investigate the Commonwealth Pool gym.

Monday I'm back at work and so is my nice boss who's been away for four weeks. I expect to be busy.

Tuesday I may get Gosford Park out on video, does anyone want to see it with me?

Wednesday I'll probably look in at the Holyrood, because I'm staying in on Thursday because I've got an event on Friday.

Saturday 10th I'm getting my hair cut and dyed sufficiently red for BiCon. Rar! Is anything on on the 9th or 10th where I can dance?.
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