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first day on a brand new planet

What I did on my weekend.

Friday night: Velvet Chains. I didn't have fun. Let me say right now that I don't appreciate all the lovely gothic people who came up to me only to ask where Paul was and then didn't speak to me when they found out he wasn't coming. Of course that's not anyone here, because you'd have all read his LJ and known he was away, right? Also the music was too loud and me and Sandy started having our obligatory Paul-is-away-so-now-we-must-argue row. I have no idea why this happens. Fortunately we managed to stop before actually yelling at each other and I was beginning to think I might have fun when they put Big Brother on the TV. I was really too cranky to cope with that, so I left and got a decent night's sleep instead.

Saturday daytime I visited many shops without buying any giant shoes, which is probably a good thing on balance, although there were some platform trainers i would have been tempted by if they hadn't had silvery snake-skin bits. Then met Pavlos in Chocolate Soup and had a yummy cold chocolate drink that was really an icecream sundae - could have done without the spray cream, though - not only is it calorific, it's also really quite nasty.

Saturday evening was brilliant and totally made up for everything. I loved Digital, I loved bouncing around with Pavlos and talking to Jon, I loved the gorgeous woman with the push-up tits who kept hugging me, I even love the tacky butterfly keyring she gave me for no readily apparent reason. I didn't wear the yellow top in the end, which was good because there was no UV(!) but I looked totally fab anyway.

Sunday I went to Favorit for breakfast with Sandy and met up with Andrew and Lorna. That was fun and should be repeated. Then I bought food and in the evening we got Amelie out on video. It was cool - very funny and a lot less heartwarming than I had feared. The revenges were particularly good. I'd like to watch it again to pick up the clever bits I'm bound to have missed.

Oh and thanks boyofbadgers! I'm very flattered. And look, see how I *can* have good musical taste...


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29th Jul, 2002 09:19 (UTC)
Feh. That's a pet hate of mine. People who wander up only to ask "where's X" (be they goths or otherwise) should be shot. Not necessarily fatally, but certainly painfully.

[I don't think I'm guilty of that behaviour myself, of course. If I am, someone get the shotgun...]
30th Jul, 2002 01:40 (UTC)
Or as our friends Justin says - "shot, through the nipples, out of a giant iraqi supergun."

And don't worry - you are one of the most unfailingly polite and charming goths one could hope to meet - and you don't do that trick of looking over the shoulder of the person you're talking to in the hope that someone more interesting will come along...
29th Jul, 2002 09:53 (UTC)
Pavlos in Chocolate Soup

Hmmm, what a.. distracting thought!
29th Jul, 2002 16:38 (UTC)
Chocolate Soup does absolutely fantastic white hot chocolate. Pure indulgance ... Must go there again soon!
30th Jul, 2002 00:39 (UTC)
me and Sandy started having our obligatory Paul-is-away-so-now-we-must-argue row. I have no idea why this happens.

I definitely get into fewer rows when I'm in a house with more than one other adult. In my case, I think it's just that being around other adults makes each individual relationship feel less all-consuming, so it takes me longer to lose perspective (it does still happen, though, as I'm sure djm4 and aegidian would attest).
1st Aug, 2002 17:18 (UTC)
Ach, I really shouldn't bitch about other people's taste in music: 24 hours after posting that I was singing along to old Carter USM records.
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