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27th Jul, 2002

And just before I head off to Velvet Chains, here's a bunch of bugbears for people who like to see concepts applied a bit rigorously. Just because I'm in a picky mood.

1. People saying they've 'won' something on e-bay when they're going to have to pay for it.
2. Insurance adverts which suggest that their product will prevent bad things happening (such as trees falling through your roof and killing your children) rather than merely giving you some money when they do.
3. Newspapers who talk of someone's 'shame' when they have merely been found out and have shown no noticeable remorse or even embarrassment.
4. People saying that because one person has been 'successful', anyone can do it, as if success weren't a relative concept.
5. People who cannot tell the difference between refuting allegations and merely denying them.
6. The use of the phrase 'the exception proves the rule', which ought to be forever banned.


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26th Jul, 2002 20:02 (UTC)
What's up
And what, may I ask, prompted this nearly irrefutable rant?

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