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London Transports

We've had a lovely couple of days, and surprisingly it's not been too hectic. I have, however reaffirmed my desire not to live in London - everything is just too far apart. Many thanks to Lisa Lovely for the lift to Liverpool Street on Friday, Mary for getting us to the meet up point for Trish and Simon's Commitment, and especially to djm4 for driving us from home to Chigwell last night above and beyond the call of duty.

Friday we wandered round a great many shops, and I managed to fit in my obligatory visit to Murder One, which Sandy also found compelling. The Poly meal later was also cool in spite of being a> very noisy and b> set at a long thin table. This meant I could only really chat with the people next to me, who happened to be Ian and Lisa Lovely - although the Countess did send a minion down the table with her regards! I really don't know what the restaurant made of us, but I'm sure that they were more attentive with the pepper and parmesan than you might expect on a busy Friday night, and they did manage to lean in past some rather fascinating conversations.

Oh, and although it's hard to estimate with restaurant food I think I stuck within my calorie target for the day in spite of one essential Frappuchino earlier - partly by dint of failing to finish the incredibly chilified calamari starter and partly by bravely turning down cheesecake or tiramisu.

Yesterday I got my first ever ride in an open topped car from Mary, who drove us to Epping just before the rain came down. Trish and Simon eventually got committed indoors, which was probably wise under the circumstances, and the ceremony was followed by a most excellent buffet - I wish I could get as good catering for my work! I ate a great deal of fresh pineapple and tomatoes and other healthy things, which meant I had the calories left for some refreshing white wine spritzers at the subsequent party. Fortunately there was also some non-calorific entertainment available, so I was pretty well off my face when the time came to leave (and as soon as that incredibly scientific bong goes on the market I want one!).

I shan't bother to list the attendees, as the usual suspects all know all they are and anyway I get tired doing all those LJ User tags, but of the non-LJ folks it was particularly nice to have a gossip with Kerry, and also chat with Malc again after gawdknowshowmany years (I did love the house, which looks as if it should provide enough projects to last a good while...)

Today we will most likely be staying in, as it's pissing it down and there's engineering work on the Central Line into Town. London and transport - blah! And Monday we'll try and fit in Tate Modern, since Sandy is heading Southwark-wards to see a man about some photos already.

More soon...
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