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Six foot six and a hundred tons

Hurrah for more Van Wotsisface gloating! zotz is right - it can improve the dullest of days...

As can looking for boots. Can anyone tell me where I can find a full list of kinds of New Rocks? And/or is there a way of finding out whether any giant platforms boots will fit my rather thick ankles before buying them? I did exercise in my lunch break today (climbing up and down stairs for ages) but it's going to take a while to take effect, if it ever does.

And have I mentioned that this is my favourite song ever?


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25th Jul, 2002 08:08 (UTC)
I have a pair of New Rocks and pretty chunky ankles - not had any problems at all, and a lot of other lace up boots don't fit due to that.

The ones I have are the ankle height ones though - dunno about the higher ones.

Maybe you could find someone with the same size as you who already has a pair and try them? I imagine the fundemental fit of New Rocks is the same across the board regardless of colour, styling etc.
25th Jul, 2002 10:41 (UTC)
i have 2 pairs of new rocks i'm looking to get rid of, and some pointy boots too, all of which are too big for my damn ankles, even on the tightest fit. :( only problem is your feet are probly smaller than mine (they're size 6 & 7s respectively). but you're welcome to them if you want. one pair are silver and black (the 6s) and the other ones are black with metal heels. the pointy boots have wee heels and bats for buckles, but are so desperately wide round the ankles i can't even hobble in them.
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