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everything's underground, we've got to dig it up somehow

Paul got me a present from Berlin. It's a book about a sheep called Selma which is so simple even I can read it. I also learnt a new word - I now know that the German for Baa is Mäh. I am now filled with a vague desire to learn any language other than English, which will evaporate once I have remembered how difficult it actually is.

Meanwhile it rains, I have cramps, and I have very little to do at work. There's a lot of rather subtle pressure on me to take some annual leave now, while there's no work to do and before it gets really busy in September, but I am determined not to give in to it while it's raining and I have nowhere fun to go. In any case I feel I couldn't relax if I went away for any length of time before BiCon. Actually I suspect that I'm not going to be able to relax under any circumstances before BiCon...

Tonight is the LJ meetup in the Holyrood, and we have a BiCon meeting tomorrow, but after that I have sod all planned, so I am going to try and round people up for social activities early this time - last weekend having been a bit of a washout. So is anyone up for any of:-
  • Velvet Chains on Friday (and if so can you help me with my corset cos Paul's away)
  • Dogma on Friday
  • Digital at the Venue on Saturday
  • The Forbidden City exhibition in the Royal museum any time during the day at the weekend.
  • Spiderman (I'll even go to UGC).
  • Cabaret or the Amadeus director's cut at the Filmhouse anytime after the 26th

And further ahead, there's a special festival Dogma on on 26th August, which has a license till 5am, and it's after BiCon, so I can do what I like, so I really REALLY want to get a posse together for that one.

Any other ideas are very welcome, too; there has to be more to life than going Mäh...
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