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Am not at work due to what felt like a major episode of food poisoning last night. At one stage I was curled up in a ball on the kitchen floor wishing I could die. I have no idea what caused it, either. I'm beginning to worry that my work will stop believing in my sick days, though it was perfectly genuine. Still, as long as they say nothing I can't very well go in with explanations and excuses, or it will look even *more* suspicious.

Got a few more bookings for BiCon today, which can only be good., and one of them is offering a workshop which is even better. Also it looks like we have DJs for Saturday night worked out, which takes a small load off my mind.



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(Deleted comment)
18th Jul, 2002 10:51 (UTC)
I don't think we've actually rejected any workshops, and I don't intend to. Ian is the one fitting sessions into the timetable, and he should be in touch soonish...
18th Jul, 2002 11:53 (UTC)
Email sessions@2002.bicon.org.uk for the authoritative answer...

thanks for offering a workshop!
18th Jul, 2002 10:57 (UTC)
> we have DJs for Saturday night worked out

Just out of interest, is zotz making an appearance?
18th Jul, 2002 11:08 (UTC)
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