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Grrr Arrrgh

My teeth hurt. Which means I can't eat these lovely strawberries because my teeth are too sensitive.
I have been doing finances for two days and I'm bored.
I'm not sure if I feel up to going to a film this evening, but if I don't what will I do?
My cow-orkers have canceled the Scooby Doo trip, so I now have nothing to do until next Tuesday. Sandy is going to a gay SM thing on Saturday and Paul is away. Jon has no money, so what am I to do at the weekend? I very much want to go clubbing and dance away some of the blah-ness. Does anyone have any suggestions/want to come with me?



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17th Jul, 2002 08:18 (UTC)
Damn. I'd go clubbing with you but I'm in Madrid with my folks this weekend. Sorry.
(Deleted comment)
23rd Jul, 2002 03:29 (UTC)
Cause being surrounded by family asking when you're going to get married is so much fun, everyone will want to do it...
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